Monday, November 24, 2008

Nürnberger Bierhaus - Staten Island

This was my first time going to Staten Island, but I immediately got the sense that it's the kind of place where sausage parties are a common occurrence. That's why we were there, and we weren't disappointed. Nürnberger Bierhaus, despite having a terrifyingly foreboding name, is a wonderful place. Between 8 of us, we consumed 20 sausages, 9 potato pancakes, 4 Jaegerschnitzels, and 14 pounds of sauerkraut. Four huge piles of sweet purple cabbage also lurked at the corners of the table, largely ignored. We eventually broke so many glasses that they kicked us out. Die Ende.


I love Spitzer's. We actually had a reservation at Stanton Social Thursday night, but when we showed up, they made us wait. I normally don't mind waiting for a good meal, but the lady kind of stunk and the entire place had high levels of douchebaggery, so we just walked out. That place was dead anyway.
And that's how we arrived at Spitzer's on Rivington. Always solid. We grabbed a delicious beer and within 10 mimnutes were sitting at a table. Mac and Cheese with White Truffle, Sliders, and Roasted Sprouts from Brussels.

Unrememberable Name Restaurant

Friday, November 21st. This place was some sort of Indian Panini place on Bleecker Street near MacDougal. Everything tasted good, but this place was total confusion. I don't think the words that the guy was yelling at me were English, but he was really insistent that I understand them, so he kept yelling them at me louder and louder. Anyway, I DO know that my meal contained chicken, bread, and chick peas. 

FARM - at the Carneros Inn

So now we're in Napa, CA. It's 78 and sunny, and one Ambien ago, it was 35 and threatening to rain in Manhattan. Needless to say, we're happy to be here. The food at FARM is not at all like the food i remember from the time I went to a farm when I was a kid. It is much much better. We had Roasted Beets with a Goat Cheese Panna Cotta, Venison Medallions, Purple Cauliflower Soup. Something delicious after that. There was some wine, I think. And then we went back Sunday for lunch. More good stuff. I was drunk.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


This place rules. I have pork belly coming out of my ears.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Two Boots Pizza

There are a million places to get pizza here, and this is one of the few that seems to try to distinguish themselves a little bit. The crust has cornmeal and the sauce is a little spicy. Not huge differences, but noticeable. Anyway, I had two slices, one of which was named after that slob Newman from Seinfeld. A great image to eat to.